LIGHT & DARK Test Apparatus

Equipment List

Analgesia Hot Plate,Cages ,Trolley for Mice&Rat,Feeding Tubes and Bottles for mice &Rats ,Light & Dark Box,Hole Board Apparatus,Elevated Maze Apparatus,Mouse Activity wheel,Three Chamber,Tail Suspension Test,Air Purifier  Air Capture Hood ,Blood Plasma Extractor,Air Shower,Air Sterilizer,Anaerobic Jar,Analyzer,Argon Gas Purifier,Auto Chemistry Analyzer,Auto ELISA Processor,Auto Urine Analyzer,Autoclave,Automated Tissue Processor,Automatic Glassware Washer, Automatic Voltage Regulator,Bacterial Colony Counter,Balance,Biological Liquid Nitrogen Container,Biological Safety Cabinet, Blood Bag Tube Sealer,Blood Collection Monitor,Biological Air Sampler,Centrifuge,Chromatography,Clean Booth, Coagulation Analyzer, COD Analyzer, Cooking Oil Tester,Clinical Chemistry Reagents, Dehumidifier,Dental Chair, Differential Pressure Gauge,Digital Display Compression Testing Machine,Digester, Disintegration Tester,Dispensing Booth, Dispenser,Dissolution Tester,Drying Oven,Electrophoresis, Electrolyte Analyzer, ELISA  Reader, Elisa Washer, ESR Analyzer,Eye Washer,Fat Analyzer,Fiber Analyzer,Filter,Flas Point Tester,Freeze Dryer(Lyophilizers),Fume Hood,Gas Chromatograph,Gas Generator,Glassware,Grain Moisture Meter,Gas Detector,Hotplate,Heating Mantle,Hematology Analyzer,Liquid Chromatography,Homogenizer,Ice Maker,Incubator, Infant Incubator, Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer, Infrared Oil Content Analyzer,Isolation Chamber, Jacketed Glass Reactor, Jar Tester, Laboratory Test Sieve, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Laminar Flow Garment Storage Cabinet,Liquid Nitrogen Pump,Liquid Nitrogen Level meter,Leaf Area Meter,Medical Equipment,Medical Sealer,Medicine Stability Test Chamber,Melting Point Apparatus,Meter,Microscope  Mixer,Monitor, Muffle Furnace, Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter, Oven, Paraffin Dispenser, Paraffin Trimmer, Pass Box, Pathology Workstation, Peristaltic Pump,Particle Size Analyzer, Plant Canopy Analyzer, PCR Cabinet, PCR Thermal Cycler, PH Meter, Pipette, Ball Mill,Polarimeter,Portable Chlorophyll Meter,Pre-Processing of Bio-Samples,Reagent OEM,Refractometer,Rotary Evaporator,Refrigerator and Freezer,Sample Concentration,Seal Tester, Sealer,Shaker,Slide Dryer (Oven)&Tissue Flotation Water Bath, Slide Stainer, Soil Nutrient Tester, Spectrophotometer,Stirrer, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer,Magnetic Stirrer,Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer,Overhead Stirrer,Stop timer,Safety Storage Cabinet,Surface Roughness Tester, Sterile Inoculation Box,Smoke Meter, Sperm Quality Analyzer,Specific Protein Analyzer,Temperature Hygrometer,Tester, Thermostatic Bath,Tissue Embedding&Cooling System,Turbidity meter,Thermometer,Temperature Logger,Ultrasonic Cleaner,Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor,Ultrasonic Humidifier,Vacuum Pump,Vein Finder,Viscometer,Water Activity Meter, Water Bath,Water Distiller,Water Purifier, Water Quality Analyzer,Polarimeter Rotational,Digital Polarimeter ,Spectrometer,Abbe’s Refractometer,Turbidity Meter,Digital.Hand Refractometer,Digital Portable Refractometer ,Spectrophotometer ,Uv Spectrophotometer,Double Beam Uv Spectrophotometer,Glass Cell,Lux Meter,Viscometer, Digital Type,Digital Vibration Meter,Coating Thickness Meter,Sound Level Meter, Digital Tachometer,Digital Hardness Tester For Rubber,Plastic,Ph Meter Bench Type,Ph Meter,Portable,Ph Electrode,Bnc Type,Digital,Soil/Moisture/Temp.Water Electrolyser,Dissolved Oxygen Meter Flame Photometer,Flame Photometer,Microprocessor,Digital Colorimeter With Builtin Filters, Ter, Conductivity+Tds Meter ,Paper/Cotton Moisture Meter Touch Type,Dickey-John Usa Grain Moisture Meter,Grain Moisture Meter,Digital Wood Moisture Meter, Cotton,Paper Moisture Meter,Grain Moisture Meter Centrifuges,Shakers, Stirrers, Mixers,Jar Test Apparatus,Tissue Homogeniser Capacity 30ml,Seive Shaker,Heavy Duty, Powder Coated,Seive Shaker,S/Steel, Digital,Orbital Shaker,Digital,Bital Flask Shaker,Rocking Mixer,Vortex Mixer,Blood Bag Shaker,Electric Stirrer,Magnetic Stirrer,Hot Plate With Stirrer 300*C Lcd Display,Dry Bath/Dry Block Heater,Lab. Incubator ,Heating Mental,Laboratory Furnace,1200*C,Oscillioscope,Audio Generator,Pumps-Vacuum,Dosing, Paralstaltic,Vacuum Pump, Quadrupple Beam Balance,Rotary Microtome,Latex Disposable Gloves ,Ph Paper Strips Range 1-14 Ph, Capsule Filling Machine,Capacity 2000 Capsules/Hour,Liquid Filling Machine,2 Heads Type, Adjustable Volume,Ointment Filling Machine,Capcity 5 To 50ml Adjustable,Can Adjust Mouth Opening Of 3 To 15mm,Tablet Hardness Tester, Digital Display,Tablet Friability Tester,Wheel Type, Lcd Display,Tablet Dissoltion Tester,Tablet Disentigration Tester,Digital Ice Flakes Making Machine,Automatic Shoe Cover Dispender ,Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser, Pipette Pump,Dehumidifier, Agate Pestle Mortars, Silica Dish ,Silica Crucible. Other Laboratory Supplies.