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Crocus Scientific TradingCrocus Scientific TradingCrocus Scientific Trading

crocus scientific trading Manufacturer and Supplier Of Mice & Rats Cages for animal welfare and meeting research requirements in Universities and Research Centers in Pakistan. crocus is the ideal partner at your side for your housing needs. we provide solutions for any conventional housing requirement designed for husbandry to meet hygiene needs, occupational health and safety requirements, everything undergoes the top quality check to deliver the reliability you expect from us for a long-lasting product.

Conventional Cages.

“crocus”cage bodies are designed to facilitate animal welfare, meet research requirements and minimize experimental variables. the following cage body selection is grouped by species. transparent plastic with exceptional impact strength and heat resistance. it can be autoclaved at 121°c/250°f


  • Autoclave
  • Fully Transparent
  • Food Grade Quality Material polycarbonate
  • Excellent stake ability for ease of handling and
  • S Top grill with duly spot welded and finished joints.
  • Provision of fixing water
  • Provision for feed
  • CST-R1, cages for
  • W=410mm approx, D=280 mm approx, H=153 mm approx
  • CST-M1, cages for
  • W=290 mm approx, D=220 mm approx, H=140 mm approx

Bottle Collection.

“crocus”bottles have a long lasting silicone ring enabling easy placing and removal of caps; the ring doesn’t have to be removed for cleaning when bottles are autoclaved and features three protruding lips which prevent water from leaking. Bottles are made of clear-glass .

“We are Lab Equipment Supplier in Behavioral Science equipment.”Naeem Rana

Polycarbonate (PC), FDA requirements and Autoclavable at 121°C /250°F for 20 minutes. Water Bottles Made Of Glass . Glass Bottles Are Graduated From 250ml To 500ml, And Slipper Tube Is Provided In Stainless Steel. leak-proof bottles with silicon rings feature polished with cone shaped, design that maximize water availability for animals;Model:CST-MRB1

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