Key Feature of Hot Plate Analgesia
Meter (CST-AM1
Plate has consistent temperature throughout
a procedure, ensuring accurate
Latency testing in rats and mice
To use the Hot Plate Analgesia meters,
simply place the animals on a black
anodized, aluminum plate and set the plate’s
surface temperature to the
desired set point (up to 75˚C). The plate
maintains a consistent temperature
throughout the test.
Pain disorders, Hyperalgesies,
Analgesics screening,

Price 65000 Rs
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Crocus’s Hot Plate Analgesia Meter performs rapid & precise screening of analgesic drug properties on small laboratory animals. Hot Plate Analgesia Meter has been developed for hot plate test. Pain sensitivity to heat is by placing the animal on the top of aluminum plate and starting the timer. The operator stops the timer at the instant the animal lifts its paws from the plate, reacting from discomfort. The stop watch displays the latency to measurement of the animal’s resistance to pain.


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