Polycarbonate cage with lid
Stainless Steel Floor grill for mice and rat
Polycarbonate Linear diffuser guide
Urine collection tube .
Feces collection tube.
Glass water bottle 250 ml with holder
Waste water collection space.
Food Hopper
Cage Dimensions Round Type: 210×250 mm
Floor grill has diameter of: 200 mm

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Metabolic caging for animal research Rats and mice, For collection of feces & urine from experimental animal Crocus Scientific’s metabolic cage offers better separation efficiency of urine and feces collection with maximum purity of samples.

Components of the cage floor like collection tubes are removable without disturbing animals.Animal waste is directed through a collection funnel and onto a linear diffuser guide. The diffuser guide allows solid matter to travel down the top ridges, passing over a urine port, and into a fecal collection vessel.

Liquid waste flows along grooves down the inclined diffuser guide, passing through the urine port, and into a urine collection vessel. Separate urine and feces samples are collected in two separate tubes.