• Autoclave able.
  • Fully Transparent Body.
  • Food Grade Quality Material polycarbonate Material.
  • Excellent stake ability for ease of handling and storage.
  • S.S Top grill with duly spot welded and finished joints.
  • Provision of fixing water bottle.
  • Provision for feed pallets.
  • CST-R1, cages for rats.W=419mm approx, D=280 mm approx, H=178 mm approx.
  • CST-M1, cages for mice.
  • W=419 mm approx, D=280 mm approx, H=170 mm approx
Price  5500 Rs


“crocus”cage bodies are designed to facilitate animal welfare, meet research requirements and minimize experimental variables. The following cage body selection is grouped by species.Transparent plastic with exceptional impact strength and heat resistance. it
can be autoclaved at 121°c/250°f




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